Peacemaker versus Powerball

 One of my friends from high school lost her brother on New Year’s Day. He was 51 years old. She is the first of us to lose a sibling. I’m not going to get too into my struggle with this; that will be for another post. However some background is necessary.

Kenny Krieg was a peacemaker. In high school he would break up fights frequently. After high school he served in the army and returned to study the holocaust and genocide. He became a police officer and served for twenty-one years before suddenly becoming ill. It was a freak accident really. He cut himself, got an infection and it killed him. But I digress.

His wife worked at a supermarket for a while. I’m not sure what she did before having to care for him these past four months. There was an article in the local newspaper about what a great guy he was. It sounds cliché but he really was willing to help anybody. On Facebook, his sister posted the article and a link to asking for people to consider helping his wife with the funeral expenses. After I donated, $6,500 had been raised by 101 people. The goal is to raise $10,000. So I share the page and add a comment about what an amazing guy Kenny was.

In the past twenty-four hours I’ve had three likes. They were not on the post about a police officer. They were on a post in which I am tagged about buying Powerball tickets. There are no comments on the post about Kenny and no more money has been raised. I know it has only been twenty-four hours but I have seen people like cats jumping out of paper bags.

Is this what we have become? We like peek-a-booing kittens, we like the idea of winning obscene amounts of money while a police officer’s widow struggles to pay for his funeral? After complaining to my sister, she liked the post. It was a pity like.

All of the comments on my other friend’s Powerball post, in which I am tagged, show a picture of the lottery ticket in front of the Madonna with lit candles (at church no less) and #Please God, let it be us! That has 19 likes.

I just don’t understand how people can like a post about eating a banana-nut muffin but won’t respond to a post on children starving. I don’t understand my friend who uses Facebook to make sure every dog in the world gets adopted but never considers children who need adoption.

Maybe I am making this into something that it isn’t. Sometimes I worry about what we are becoming.





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