February 29, 2012 – A Flying Leap

Questions/thoughts I could turn into more:

Why are the snow geese flying west and have been since the last week of January?  Why one single goose on one side of the V and twenty on the other side.  Does the 20th goose have less wind resistance than the second?

We want to leave a mark, do something meaningful.  What about our creative side?

Driving these kids for what?  So they can grow up and have hectic, chaotic, crazy lives like us?  What’s wrong with 80% and finding some balance in life?

Forget how much is enough.  How much is too much therefore not enough?

How long could I go unplugged for?

What would I bring if only able to carry what was on my back?  Isn’t it more important to be a keeper of stories?

Is there such thing as an original thought? (I’ve seen this one before.)

Are we okay with acquaintances because they are distant to us?  Do we have problems with family and friends because we expect so much of them and expect them to put up with so much from us.  Take advantage, take for granted?

What is the connection between 40 days of Noah and 40 days of Jesus in desert?  Time of trial, testing faith? Breaking down and rebuilding?

Should I give up anger? Bread? How angry will I become if I give up bread?

Which is happier – the feral cat who is free but has no security or safety or the indoor cat who is fed and warm but confined to be an observer of life?  Or are they both just content with what they have?

What am I doing towards sustainibility?

Could we journey with very little and flop at people’s houses depending on others’ generosity?

How do you forgive if the sinner does not ask to be forgiven?

What if Jon Benet had been Amish?









2 thoughts on “February 29, 2012 – A Flying Leap

  1. I like this; it shows you are moving in a different direction and expanding your style.
    Good for you, Karen; shake your own paw!

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