February 11, 2012 – James and John

If you like me that much then follow me….

I get concerned when people like my postings.  I’m new at this and very self-conscious.  Currently I have one follower – and I follow her blog too.  We take turns jerking each other off about our posts.  Here’s me trying to contribute something meaningful/insightful:  “Love it.  Favorite part….. blah blah fucking blah.”

I don’t know if people who like me like my post for topic or style or if they are just trying to get me to follow them.  Some people have thousands of followers.  I would just like a group who comments and gives me some constructive criticism and feedback.  Now all one of you who are reading this out there – don’t get any ideas on blasting me – I am very sensitive.  But I am lost in a world of seemingly accomplished bloggers/writers and need something to hold onto so I don’t drown.

Any brave souls?



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