January 22 – Becoming

Ways I am finally becoming who I am supposed to be:


Teaching – trying to find enthusiasm I had my first year and new perspective/approach

Recycling – some

Being honest (as much as possible except when it is in direct opposition to being good.)

Being good  – working on it (see Alannis Morrissette’s That I Would be Good.  Makes me weep.)

Being a member of the CSA

Becoming a democrat (the day before my 40th birthday)

Leaving the Catholic Church – after being told 3 different times that I am tearing apart the fabric of society

Working on the land trust board and other efforts to benefit West Rehoboth

Finally discovering the 3 most important things are Faith, Love and Health and that all the other stuff is just fluff (not that I don’t enjoy my fluff)

Living in the moment (thank you, Eckhart Tolle)

Writing more – trying to find my voice – balancing being deep and being funny – both probably mean I am hiding something….just kidding…. Sort of

Taking better care of myself:  working out, eating better, flossing daily (yes, daily)





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