Not much more than a silhouette was visible of the passenger in the car.  She was an older, black woman with a scarf on her head.  I could feel her watching me, watching us, before I looked across the Wawa parking lot to confirm it.  Lulu had been on my lap, squirming restlessly waiting for Cathy to bring us mocha alert coffees.  We had only had her 3 days and I was, am still, in love with her.  A little blue-eyed, fuzzy tabby all of five weeks old and weighing in at 1.2 pounds.  I talked to her the whole time we wrestled.  As I struggled to contain this little monster it must have been obvious I had something on my lap.  Cathy returned and before pulling away I glanced towards our audience.  I lifted up the kitten, smiled and we waved with one paw.  In return she smiled appreciatively and nodded her head as if to say, “I knew it!”   Sharing that moment with the stranger makes me wonder why it takes something like a kitten to get people to connect.  Erase the kitten from the scene and we would have probably done our best to avoid eye contact and smiling let alone waving goodbye.    Maybe I’ll try to pretend I have a kitten with me as I encounter people for the next week or so.


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