Writing is like trying to untangle your jewelry.  When you start out, you aren’t even sure how many of your treasures are involved.  All you really want is to sort out your precious possessions, to see them clearly, to be able to use them.  When you open the jewelry box, you see pieces that you forgot you had.  Getting published is another story, that’s more like getting people to see the pieces and admire and understand their value.  You want them to say, Yeah, I get that.  It’s unique.”  When your writing is rejected, some of the publishers may say, “It’s still seems to be sort of jumbled and tarnished.  See if you can’t clean it up.  Keep working on it.”  Some would even say, “I wouldn’t bother.  That piece isn’t worth saving. Bag that and give me something else.”  Is it even possible for others to appreciate the meaning and history behind some of your most precious possessions?  And why would I want to be published?  Is it to connect with others?  The writing itself serves as a catharsis. Some of my favorite accessories (literally jewelry) are what my sister would call, “Dirty junk jewelry.”  What some consider insightful others consider rambling.


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